AEM Hub 2015

AEM at the hub of the Digital Enterprise


8-9 September, 2015 at the Ham Yard in London

The 2nd Annual AEM Hub will be held at the Ham Yard in London. This year we will once again bring together the AEM community to spend two exciting days with AEM technical peers and Adobe's own experts exploring, developing, managing, and extending.

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Adobe is changing the world through digital experiences. For more than two decades, Adobe has been at the heart of making engaging experiences happen, and we fuel the content creation and delivery ecosystem in a way no other technology company can. 

Whether it's a smartphone or tablet app, a game, a video, a digital magazine, a website, or an online experience, chances are that it was touched by Adobe technology. Our tools and services enable our customers to create groundbreaking digital content, deploy it across media and devices, and then continually measure and optimize it based on user data. By providing complete solutions that combine digital media creation with data-driven marketing, we help businesses improve their communications, strengthen their brands, and ultimately achieve greater business success. 

Adobe's business is focused on the opportunities in two key growth markets—Digital Media and Digital Marketing.


Fastly is the only CDN that offers complete control over how businesses serve content, unprecedented access to real-time performance analytics, and the ability to cache frequently changing content at the edge. Our customers include Twitter, WIRED, Target, and Stripe. Help us build a better internet:



[Active Standards]

ActiveStandards is the leader in digital governance, providing global enterprises with end-to-end digital governance solutions through a powerful blend of technology and consulting services. These solutions help companies realize value from their online presence and mitigate risk by optimizing the management of complex digital operations and improving the quality and effectiveness of their digital content.

ActiveStandards has an international client base across all industry sectors and supports the digital governance programs of some of the largest brands in the world, including Unilever, Shell, CSC, HP, Thomson Reuters and Canon.

ActiveStandards’ SaaS platform for Digital Quality Management is fully integrated with Adobe Experience Manager. The integration, developed in partnership with Cognifide, builds digital governance support directly into the AEM publication workflow, closing the air-gap between content authoring and digital quality assurance, so marketers can test and optimize their digital content at the point of publication.

At Adobe Summit EMEA 2015, the ActiveStandards AEM integration scooped the Industry Game-Changer Award in recognition of its relevance to critical business challenges, and potential to transform the way global enterprises manage the quality and compliance of their websites.